Parsley Semolina Pasta

I’ve started to reap the fruits of my labor in my small raised bed garden. Delicious sweet sugar snap peas, little cucumbers, Swiss chard, spinach, and wonderful reddish lettuce have all made their way into my kitchen and onto the table. Beans are nearly ready, and root vegetables are putting on good growth. In nearby pots, tomatoes and peppers are turning various shades of red, orange and yellow. Eggplants are looking good, as are kale, fennel, and beet plants.

Earlier this summer, I was gifted a planter that contained four herbs, one of which is parsley. It was beginning to overthrow the more fastidious thyme, rosemary, and sage, so I chose to incorporate much of it into this rich noodle dough, made with fine semolina.

This dough, being quite rich, is difficult to bring together by hand. But it can be done in a food processor, or even more easily in a stand mixer. Semolina flour, made from durum wheat, is yellowish in color and granular in texture. I very much enjoy using it to make pasta, as it creates a stretchy dough – similar to pizza dough – and it brings out any added flavors quite nicely.

The parsley, while not fully incorporated into the dough, is still quite flavorful, and is helped along by a generous amount of salt.

This is a terrific pasta recipe, and any other desired herb (such as basil, or oregano) can be substituted in for the parsley.

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