Three Simple Side Dishes = One Great Meal

Pepper Cheese GritsDilled Bean + Wheat Salad, and Bacon Brussels Sprouts. On their own, each is a delicious side dish. Together, they form a gorgeous trifecta of a meal, packing a nutritious punch – as well as a sinful amount of cheese and bacon.

This dinner is pretty to behold, easy to make, and will leave you full in under ten minutes.

Now that I have spent an hour typing recipes into the BDN’s new ‘My Cookbook’ portion of the website, I present an aesthetically-displeasing array of links with small pictures to you (sorry):

[single_recipe slug=’pepper-cheese-grits’]

[single_recipe slug=’dilled-bean-wheat-salad’]

[single_recipe slug=’bacon-brussels-sprouts’]


Do multiple side dishes a meal make? It’s up to you, but I think so!